Max Dovey

Max Dovey – Towards a Decentralized Internet

Programming the p2p web

Max Dovey will lead a practical workshop into creating your own self-hosted websites and contributing to a decentralized p2p internet. Participants will become familiar with emerging decentralized internet protocols such as DAT and IPFS and build a website using the Beaker browser. The p2p web is a collective effort to move away from a centralized privately owned internet towards a co-operatively operated distributed network infrastructure.

Max Dovey is an artist & researcher exploring networked technology, artificial intelligence and performance. He designs participatory installations that explore emerging technology and improvise possible futures. His work is regularly presented at both UK and international festivals and as well as many European cultural institutions. He is an affiliated researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam researching methods for exploring blockchains and other de-centralized technologies. In 2012 he was nominated for the Catlin Art Prize and in 2016 he was selected for the Talent Development Fund with Creative Industries NL. He received a BA Hons in Fine Art: Time Based Media from University Arts London in 2011 before attaining a MA (MDes) in Media Design from Piet Zwart Institute in the Netherlands in 2015.

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This workshop will be in English.

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