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Eric Patel & Murat Yildiz – Decentralization as a Form of Resistance

Interactive lecture

We will first understand together what is decentralization and why we might need it. What are its potential benefits and pitfalls? Where does it originate as an idea and a method? What is the role of it in our life? After a brief introduction, everyone is invited to share their thoughts.

Through a two part exercise we will try to decentralize something in our everyday lives (on an easy, basic or complex level). We are not trying to find alternative ways; every “way” can actually be an alternative. The wrong question for us is: “What is yours?” or “What is mine?” There is no concrete here! And by extension, no concrete “way” to make you feel decentered.

We won’t find gaps; we will create them. We will show our respect to what has been done before. Then we will change them with the reasons and-or with the power of freedom. We will find ways to examine and use. We will discuss and understand. Show us how to decentralize with your gatherings and show it in whatever form you want. Small talks, essays, gestures, art, decoration, whatever you wish.

We are not endorsing a ‘back to nature’ version of utopia, but rather going outside of one’s center to an unknown place, where one can begin to learn from the unfamiliar. The outside of one’s center can be nature, a city or people that you never met, roads that you never walked. We don’t mean to abandon technology, but use it to leave or find a way out if needed. By wandering way out, you will gain knowledge about your city, your local forest and the margins you encounter will open new opportunities or new potential networks.

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This lecture will be in English.

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