Active Collective – Organizing Collective Forms of Engagement and Existence

Interactive lecture by Giulia de Giovanelli, Naomi de Wit and Philippa Driest

In what way do self-organized spaces represent a different model for working and living together? Inhabitants of ‘the Poortgebouw’ – a Rotterdam-based former squat and living community – will narrate its history of squatting and legalization, while revealing the conflicts that it still faces in a city which constantly changes. We will show different perspectives on living, working and sharing in a self-organized way, and how other places work in similar situations.

By showing recent collaborative projects such as ‘the Autonomous Archive’ and ‘the Temporary Autonomous Bureau’ we want to discuss how self-organized spaces inter-relate with institutions. Together with your own experiences as students, artists and designers, we will question together how collective organizations can sustain a collaborative method by promoting a different model for social and creative practices.

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This lecture will be in English.

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Het Poortgebouw

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